Once you have started using our Tagging solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM  you will want to use that information to segment your data. A common scenario is to build a marketing list of all Accounts that have been tagged with one or more tags.

The scenario we will use in this post is as follows: We are organising a breakfast event and want to be able to quickly tag contacts that have registered an interest in coming along. Account managers will call or email clients and prospects and manage the interest by tagging the relevant individuals.

Step 1 – Adding the tag to the contact records

Once tagging has been enabled on the Contact form a user simply has to enter (or select if it the tag has already been used) “Breakfast Event July 2013″ in the Tags box.   This process is repeated over the course of the campaign.

Breakfast Event Tag

Step 2 – Create Marketing List

When your are ready to collate your list of interested contacts, create a dynamic marketing list which identifies all contacts which have been tagged “Breakfast Event July 2013″

a) Create the Marketing List

Breakfast Event Marketing ListMembers

b) Click Manage Members to build the query

  1. Select Connections (Connect From) from the Related section of  the drop down list
  2. From the next “Select” list choose Connected From (Tag) from the Related section
  3. Finally choose Tag from the Fields section of the next “Select” list and lookup the Breakfast Event July 2013 tag

Breakfast Event Manage Members

c) View the marketing list members – we have only one in this case but as users add (or remove) the tag to contacts the list will dynamically change.

Breakfast Event Marketing ListMembers

Easy huh! Tagging can be a very quick way to manage your marketing lists – use it for managing subscriptions to newsletters, product interests, partner emails….

You can download the Tagging for Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution for free!