Timeline v2 CRM 2013We are very pleased to announce the new version of Timeline for Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

The no. 1 request has been to support custom entities on a Timeline and we are pleased to say that this option is now supported in the new version along with a number of other enhancements.

Timeline enhancements:

Custom entity support*

Display any entity on your Timelines in addition to the ones configured by default. We provide step-by-step instructions on how you can set this up – see the installation guide.

Timeline on a Dashboard*

It is now possible to show a Timeline on a Dashboard. The Timeline results are not bound to a specific record so you can show anything you desire from your CRM data!

Whatever query you can dream up in the Advanced find will work with your Dashboard Timeline. Show things like:

  • Your team’s Opportunities and recently closed orders
  • Cases that are due in the next 2 days – the Timeline will show you immediately if you have a bottleneck
  • Your own custom entity data – you decide!

Show only desired entities when loading the Timeline

Timelines can get busy but if there is vital information you would like to be displayed by default and leave the rest of the noise out, you can now do this. Manually add/remove Timeline by checking the entities you want displayed and click Update.

Select Entities to Display

CRM 2013 look and feel

We have updated the Timeline to fit with the new CRM 2013 look and feel – your users will think the Timeline is a part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with its seamless integration.

Customize the queries that return timeline results*

If you don’t like the data being returned in the default Timeline set up, that’s no problem. We now let you edit, remove or add new queries to manipulate the data that will be shown to your users.

It is as simple as making your query in the Advance Find, exporting the XML using the button on the Advanced Find ribbon and pasting this into the Timeline Entity Link configuration record.

Timeline Entity Link

Customize the fields, localize labels and look and feel shown on in the Timeline detail pane (full HTML support)*

Not only do we let you edit the queries, we let you edit the Timeline detail pane as well! This means you can display any information from the selected record in the detail pane, control the layout and styling via HTML. We provide some simple to apply CSS classes to ensure that the various field types render appropriately on the screen – e.g. apply the class xRMC-Url make the text field containing a link click-able.

Using the HTML configuration you can change the labels to support a different language.

Timeline Entity


The updated Timeline is supported on CRM 2013 and CRM 2011 and is available for download now.

Timeline is now available as a free and as a paid for version. The free version supports all the functionality of the previous version.  Items marked with a * above are available in the paid version.

You can purchase a license key to unlock the great new functions.

Happy Timelining!