We are pleased to announce the general availability of our Tagging solution version 2.

In this release we have added two major functions – Parent Tags and Synonyms - more on each of these below.

Parent Tags

A Tag can now be designated as a ‘Parent’ which allows categorization of Tags. You are able to specify a parent tag name or names for a given Tag entry box on a record form and then only Tags in with this parent will be shown in the search results.  Tags created when a parent is specified will be created and automatically assigned to this parent. See example form below with 3 tag entry boxes each with a parent tag specified:

Parent Tags


To restrict Tag entry to a specific parent, specify the parent in the Custom Parameters section of the web resource form – this works for Tag Clouds too where you can specify to only show a Tag Cloud for the specified parent tag:

Restrict to parent


The allowable parameters for Parents are:

  1. parent – default is for Tag search results to show all Tags. Setting the parent parameter allows you to specify one or more Tags that have been designated as “parents” (i.e. they can have child tags associated to them). Multiple values can be specified and are separated by a comma.  When a parent is specified new tags that are created have this parent defined.  If there is more than one parent specified then new tags are created with a parent of the first parent specified in the list.
  2. excludeparent – default is for Tag search results to show all Tags. This option allows you exclude specific Tags which have the defined parent or parents. Multiple values can be specified and are specified by a comma. New Tags are created without a parent defined.
  3. allowparentselection – default is ‘false’. Set to ‘true’ to enable Tags which have been defined as parents for selection in the search results.

You can specify a deep hierarchical tree for your tags, however when specifying a parent in the custom parameters the Tag search results will use all Tags that are below the specified parent.


A Tag can now have a list of comma separated synonyms associated with the Tag. When a user is typing in the Tag form area, if any of the synonyms match, the Tag will be available for selection in the Tag search results.

Synonyms on tag record

Synonyms in search results

Download Tagging version 2 now!

The updated installation and user guide is available here.