We are pleased to announce that our latest release of our very popular Tagging solution now supports the ability for users to multi-select Tags from a searchable and sortable list view.

Users simple click the down arrow icon to change the type-to-search/create area into the multi-select view:


Users then check or uncheck (removes tag if previously associated) the Tags and clicks save:



In addition two new parameters have been created:

  1. existingtagsonly – default is ‘false’. Set to ‘true’ to ensure that users can only select from existing tags even if they have the Tag Writer security role assigned.
  2. disablelistselection – default is ‘false’. Set to ‘true’ disable the ability for a user to multi-select tags from the list view. This is recommended if you have many hundreds or thousands of Tag records.


Download the latest version now – Existing license holders can upgrade at no cost!