One of the questions we are often asked is how to automatically Tag records on import/creation. It is really easy to do using the out of the box workflow capabilities in Dynamics 365.

For our example below we are going to use the Description field on the Contact entity as our source of information for processing Tags. We are going to check for two sports that will create Tag connections that will be grouped under our ‘Interests’ parent tag (having a parent tag is not a prerequisite for this process to work). You can add as many conditions as you like to the workflow to create the Tags that you need.

Step 1 – create the workflow

Navigate to Settings > Process Center > Processes and click the New button

Complete the Create Process form. We are using the Contact entity for this example but you can use whichever entity you need to associate the Tags.


Build out the steps for your workflow as follows:



For the Create Record step the Set Properties form should look like the following:



Connect To: Select the Tag record you wish to associate

As this role: Set to Tag

Expand the Details Tab and set the Connected From: in this case it is the Contact record the workflow is running on. If you are using another entity then it should be the record for that entity.


Activate the Workflow


Step 2 – Import the data or run the workflow on already existing records

Description Field on Contact:


Tags created after workflow runs: