Formula/Rules Manager

North52 LogoWe are the official implementation partner of North52 to implement their Formula Manager add-in for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

We almost always use Formula Manager as part of the solutions we build for our clients because of the implementation speed advantage it give us.

North52′s Formula Manager is the leading no-code solution that allows for rapid implementation of business logic into Microsoft CRM processes. It allows Excel-like formula and logic to be applied to CRM forms and data for automatic number generation, validation, notifications, calculations, updating related records and many other scenarios.

Formula Manager Auto Number

The available formula types:

  • Auto Number
  • Display Alert
  • Calculated Field
  • Calculated Hyperlink
  • Dialog\Workflow Action
  • Dialog\Workflow Calculation
  • Notification Critical

  • Notification Warning
  • Notification Information
  • Save to Child Records
  • Save to Current Record
  • Save to Parent Record
  • Save Perform Action
  • Validation

xRM Consultancy is continually building it’s own library of re-usable formulae to provide even more value to our clients.


Please refer to the Formula Manager knowledge base.


Please see North52′s site for licensing options. A free version is available.

Support/Custom Development

If you have any questions about this product or would like us to extend the functionality for your specific needs please get in touch.